Remeon's Crusade, book 3 in the Realms of Chaos series, out August 13, 2020!

Read an excerpt here from Remeon's Crusade

To discover her future, a young woman must first go back…

To unite a family bond, she must break it…

To find love again, she must let it go.


Arista’s family loves her, seeks to protect her, but her bonds of love are strained and tested upon the death of her mother, Whisterly. Leaving behind the council chair of Remeon, and a powerful generational legacy of witches ready to take Arista in, uncertainty hangs in the air.


As Arista explores her new role and the powers surrounding it, she discovers love—and all the dangers with it. As her father grieves and her family questions the past, Arista must face the truth with courage, staring fiercely into the heart of the unknown.


Full of political, mystical, and familial intrigue, Arista must choose whether to accept or forsake her inheritance, and consequentially the ones she loves.

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Remeon's Destiny available now in audiobook! Listen to a sample here:


Work in progress


Currently I'm working on book four in my scifi fantasy  series, Realms of Chaos. 

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you"


Maya Angelou