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A Signed Contract!

My writing journey took a decided shift when earlier this month I signed a publishing contract!

After two years of writing, snatching time from where none existed, and many, many late nights, when my characters and I could run free, there is finally a finished product. But still, even after “The End,” I wasn’t done…

Next came editing (lots of editing) months and months of revision, followed by a professional edit, thankfully, dripping red. Then a final revision, followed by a final, final revision—you get the idea.

At that point is when the real work began, preparing materials to query agents and publishers, along with a new review and revision process to match each agent’s or publisher’s preferences. Nightly, I set goals and sent emails to agents and publishers in my genre that I had pre-identified through months of research. Then I waited. One rejection … then another … and another … then …

After eight months of querying I’m ecstatic to have signed a contract in early August! My manuscript will be published in the June / July 2018 time frame. I will keep you all updated with the final title, cover reveals, and updated timelines.

Be the first to know the release date, read new excerpts and receive free stuff! Drop me a line on my website. Leave me your email and I’ll send you occasional newsletters to keep you updated. Just click on the contact/sign up for updates tab, and leave me your contact information, or feel free to just stop by and say “hi.”

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