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The Unfound - Available now

The Unfound - Out now in print and ebook

And available in Kindle unlimited!

I'm excited to set my newest book baby free today!

The Unfound is part of a Dystopia series put out by Black Hare Press.

At the heart of this futuristic tale is a father's sacrifice. Once the truth slowly begins to unfold, giving his family and a remnant of humanity a fledgling chance at life is his sole focus, although the future coming for them will be unimaginable.

If you enjoy Dystopian literature and diving head first into the unknown, then this fast-paced story could be for you!

The blurb:

It’s the year 2055.

And Scott Adams is a dead man.

It’s a race against the clock to piece together the scraps of information he’s uncovered from the corrupt Inner Circle’s agenda along with the extent to which their actions will affect all humanity.

And the truth is too horrible to imagine…

His number one priority? Getting his family to safety and preparing them for what’s ahead. Preparing them for a life without him.

But time is about to run out because he’s top on the initial hit list. In less than 24 hours everything will change. His wife and son will be among the survivors...if Scott can hang on long enough.

Technology and political agendas collide, sending civilization on a never before experienced up-close look at what waits beyond the confines of our world.

And it wants in.

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