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Remeon's Crusade out now!

What readers are saying:

"Garrett’s seamless blend of Science, Fantasy, and Historical fiction is mind-bending. When you add to that the way the author ties in the themes of family, friendship, and unconditional love in Remeon's Crusade and the series as a whole is nothing short of spectacular." - John Darryl Winston, author of the IA series "Once again Garrett weaves an exciting tale in Crusade full of conflict and tension in this sci-fi, fantasy, witchcraft YA novel sequel. Her world building is strong, descriptions are rich, tension palpable, characters believable by their dialogue and actions." - NetGalley Reviewer "An engrossing and entertaining story." - NetGalley Reviewer "Another great in this series. I was totally entranced with the characters. This was one fabulous book. I can't wait for the next one." - GoodReads Reviewer

It's launch day! So happy today is finally here and my newest book baby is out in the world. To read an interview and the first chapter for free follow the links below.

For those on Goodreads you can add Remeon's Crusade by following the link below:

Thanks for following and happy reading!

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