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A witch. A business mogul. A holiday crash and meet. And magic...

If you’re looking for a fun, festive holiday romance, check out Caramelized Pecan Cookie Holiday Hideaway. Bonus: it comes with a cookie recipe!

Below is the blurb and a snippet of the story:

A witch meets a powerful business mogul, and his measured world is turned upside down.

Sunny Yates, a witch, laid off from her job in the city, relocates to her late grandmother's hometown to focus on her new business venture. She rediscovers her magical roots and a nostalgic cookie recipe, and sparks fly after a collision meet-cute with handsome business mogul Noah Russell. He seems perfect for her, but how can she tell him she's a witch?

Home for the holiday, Noah discovers he's responsible for firing Sunny but doesn't reveal it for fear she'll back away. She awakens something within him he thought long dead, turning his measured, sensible world upside down.

Both at a crossroads, can they learn to trust each other with their truths during the magical Christmas season? ✨

The inspiration for my story came from the special people that have affected the course of my life. Sunny delves into old memories when she inherits her grandmother’s home located in a small town, Willingham Creek, New York. While taking stock of the run down place, she searches through her grandmother’s old cedar chest and gets swept away by the memories.

-This time of year had been difficult for them. But Grandmother had made the holidays magical, with her enchanted decorations and spells that animated the small number of presents. Mostly, though, Sunny remembered Grandmother’s Christmas cookies. Around mid-December, when they set to work on the caramelized pecan cookies, Sunny had felt a warmth in her heart that lasted the entire season, well after the delectable treats were gone. And in front of her, on the page, was Grandmother’s original hand-penned recipe. How long had it been since Sunny made them? She couldn’t even hazard a guess.

The paper fluttered back and forth between her fingers, returning her focus to the old recipe. “Okay, Grandmother,” she whispered. “I’ll make them if you promise to be with me in spirit.” The journal slipped from her hands, the pages standing at attention, then easing open once again in a leisurely, slow dance. A hot tear slid down her cheek, followed by another. She wouldn’t be alone this Christmas, not with her grandmother’s spirit so alive and present in this old, rundown place.-

🎄 🎆 🎀

Copyright © 2021 by J.W. Garrett

Available at all major book retailers. Pick up your own copy here:


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