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Wetware Launch Today!

Check out these two fantastic offerings available from Black Hare Press. Pumped to have stories in both of them. I had so much fun writing for these two calls ! Hope you’ll enjoy them as well.

Wetware – Available today -November 24

Imagine a world where biology and technology mix… Anything is possible!

From bio-hackers to biotech mega-corporations, to manipulation of human DNA by governmental despots, in this collection, an international set of authors examine the darker side of genetic engineering.

Drabble collection:

Banned, Rock band themed horror, available November 30th! Order now and it will come straight to your inbox on launch day.

Each story takes its name from a song. My story is titled Say You Love Me or Say Goodnight, by REO Speedwagon. A companion drabble collection is available also.

Join us at a Banned launch event on November 27th for live readings and an interactive Q & A


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