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Remeon's Legacy - Out now!

Remeon's Legacy - Available now in print and ebook!

Moments like these don't come often, but when they do, they're sweet! Remeon's Legacy, the fourth and final book in my Realms of Chaos series is complete!

This journey began back in 2018 with the publication of Remeon's Destiny, followed by Remeon's Quest, and Remeon's Crusade. So today marks an ending of sorts, but a beginning too, as readers join in the adventure with this latest installment.

Inside these books you’ll find a mixture of fantasy, sci-fi, and historical fiction, woven into a family saga that spans several decades and two planets.

If you're new to the series, I suggest you begin with the prequel, Remeon's Quest, followed by Remeon's Destiny, then Remeon's Crusade, and finally Remeon's Legacy.

The full blurb:




Simon never knew he was a warlock until a strange new power awakened in his veins. One passed down from Whisterly, an all-powerful witch and adversary he’s despised for as long as recollection served him. And recently discovered to be his mother.

When an eerie vision takes him back to his birth, all Simon believes to be true is proven a lie. His heritage… His family… The grip on his tightly held authority.

Simon’s reign over the Night Dwellers faction crumbles. Defeated, he’s held captive for his crimes and dealt a reckoning blow for his evil deeds. With a slate temporarily washed clean, Simon is transported to Earth and embarks on his own magical transformation. Far away from the influences of his home planet, Remeon, Simon gains a glimpse into what might have been without the treacherous beginnings that defined his life choices to date.

The bonds of family awaken a yearning for a new way of life. But the community of warlocks calls to a primal need within him, promising revenge, dominion, and the skill to take back what is rightfully his. Which legacy will Simon choose?

From award winning author, J.W. Garrett, Remeon’s Legacy is the final installment in a sweeping family saga that spans two planets, encompassing the years of the Great Depression through 1958. The first three books in the series include Remeon’s Quest, Remeon’s Destiny and Remeon’s Crusade.

Check it out here :

Read an extended excerpt here:

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