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Preorder For Remeon's Destiny Available!

Here's the cover for Remeon's Destiny currently available for preorder

Many "firsts" this month - Remeon's Destiny is a reality!

First, my debut novel which culminates three years of work, including researching, writing, editing, rewrites and publication is available for preorder! You can order Remeon's Destiny from your favorite retailer by clicking the link below. You'll be redirected to my author page on the BHC Press website with various options available to purchase. (An excerpt from Remeon's Destiny is available on this page as well.) The official publication date is 6/19/18!

Remeon's Destiny is the first book in my YA Fantasy series, Realms of Chaos. The novel opens in 1947, only a few years after WW II, in a rural Virginia, primarily farming town. In this coming of age story, the main character, Thomas, has an adversarial relationship with his parents. (what teenager doesn't?) His need for adventure, and inherent love of family drives this tale into unexpected far off places. Relationships will be examined, torn apart and rebuilt as Thomas finds his place in this world, and others.

Second, I have an author page on Amazon! The link below will take you to my page where you can follow me for updates.

And last, you can follow me on Goodreads as well! You'll be able to receive advance notice of upcoming novels, be informed of new blog posts and be the first to know about a new giveaway.

Drop me a message anytime on my website:

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