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Fall ... almost

It's almost that time ... Time for cooler weather... Time for that everywhere but here in Florida. It's hot and full fledged hurricane season for us. While I'm on the lookout for what hopefully won't come our way, I'm still carving out what small bits of time I can for recharging and relaxing, but inside, in the air conditioning, where it's cool. When the seasons change, I'm reminded constantly how fast time moves. Does anyone else sit down to watch an hour of Netflix and before you know it three hours has passed instead? Then when I finally make a conscious decision to turn it off ... I feel deprived - even after three hours. For me the lure of technology is exerting too much control. I'm finding my way back toward the center though. Back toward a balance by grabbing some of that time and putting it to work for me again. Because in the process of making my list of those precious few items I'd rescue, or take with me should I have to evacuate during a hurricane, time isn't among them. You can't box it up, replace it or buy more of it once it's gone. Some days I wish I could. So I'll still relax some with Netflix, of course. But my focus will be on those people and items that would make the cut to come with me, when, if, I had to take my life on the road. Nothing like the experience of a hurricane to keep it real, knowing you can only take what you can fit in a car.

Here's hoping no hurricanes come your way- or mine this season!

J.W. Garrett

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