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Remeon's Quest Preorder Giveaway!

Remeon's Quest is available for preorder!

To celebrate I'm having a giveaway. The giveaway runs until midnight June 19th 2019, EST so be sure to enter before then.

Remeon's Quest is a prequel in the Realms of Chaos series, so it's the best time to get started!

A young man struggling to forge his own path… A priestess forced to conceive an heir… A forbidden love…

Captured in a sweep of beings from Earth to aid planet Remeon’s dying society, Jack is plagued by deep ceded deception and mind control from those on the planet who seek to dictate the end of life choices of their citizens.

Sides are chosen as ancient magical powers thought to be long dead align to intervene in the fate of the two young lovers forcing a chain of events in motion that cannot be undone.

Truths will be destroyed. Myths will find life. Whose ultimate power will reign?

Read a 30 page excerpt from Remeon's Quest here:

What could you win?

All who enter will receive a digital short story introducing Remeon's Quest. The grand prize winner receives a Kindle fire (with Alexa)

How to enter:

1. Preorder Remeon's Quest at your favorite retailer. By clicking the link below you'll see all choices available and links to each retailer:

2. Next, click the link below and fill out the entry form.


Does it matter where I preorder?


What counts as proof of purchase?

A picture of a physical receipt, digital receipt, or screen shot of a confirmation email if it includes the details of your purchase. The details on the proof of purchase must be legible and show Remeon's Quest as purchased.

Can I enter more than once?

No. Limit one entry per person

When will I receive the prize if I win?

The grand prize winner will be contacted the week of release (6/20/19). A link to download the digital short introductory story will be emailed as entries are received within 48 hours of submission.

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