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Can You Weather the Storm?

Out now and currently a #1 New Release! Don't miss it!

Explore the unique, horrifying and entertaining exploits and tales of the survivors from the Storm on Area 51. Perhaps what lies hidden, should sometimes remain so... When an unsuspecting young man from California instigates a comedic social media campaign to storm Area 51—the site of alien legend—little does he realize that this small action will bring about the end of the world as we know it. Millions of people line up outside the gates of the military base in Rachel, Nevada, and when the Storming begins, it’s a bloodbath. “The screaming...the blood...the bits of flesh... I'll never forget it.” - Emily Sparrow, 28 “I thought the Naruto run could outrun bullets. I was wrong. We were all wrong.” - Sexy_Kikashi_69 “Took me nineteen years, but I can finally say with certainty that aliens impregnated my wife. - Earl Justice, 64 “The Donald sent me here. He's counting on me. I'm gonna make history.” - Kyle Koch, 48

Are you game enough to join The Storm?

Check it out below!

Currently available in KU

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